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At 4:09 PM -0400 8/27/06, Roger Moffat wrote:
>On the SIMS server that I run, I'm also the recipient of some of the
>eMail addresses.
>I have two addresses MembershipData@ClanMoffat.org and
>Membership@ClanMoffat.org that were used by two different people for
>handling membership matters, but now I am doing both job functions,
>and I'd like all the mail for MembershipData to be delivered to
>So in the Router I put
><MembershipData> = Membership
>However when my mail client (Mail.app under Mac OS X) retrieves these
>messages, they still show as being "To" MembershipData, so when I
>reply the reply goes out from MemberhshipData.
>Can SIMS handle doing whatever is necessary so that these messages
>show that they actually are for Membership by changing the To address
>so that a reply goes out from the Membership address?
>Or do I have to remember to make sure I reply from the correct
>address each time I create a reply.

In Eudora I set up a filter that changes the personality to the name I want
to send replies from.  Don't know if Mail has that capability.

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