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On Aug 28, 2006, at 12:16 PM, Christopher Bort wrote:

Can SIMS handle doing whatever is necessary so that these messages
show that they actually are for Membership by changing the To address
so that a reply goes out from the Membership address?

No. That is more properly a job for your mail client (MUA).

Or do I have to remember to make sure I reply from the correct
address each time I create a reply.

Yes. Depending on the mail client you use, you might be able to automate

Thanks for the detailed answer.

I've looked in Mail.app and can't find a Rule that would let me change what address it's going to be replied to from.

But I'm going to experiment with disabling, or deleting the MembershipData account in Mail and with a Rule to put those messages into Membership see what happens.


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