Mailing List Message #15322
From: Warren Michelsen <>
Subject: Re: parameters for suspending suspected in address harvesting
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 12:09:21 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
At 11:51 AM -0700 9/5/06, allan sent email regarding parameters for suspending suspected in address harvesting:
Can anyone explain this? I cannot find anything like this in either the data or resource fork of SIMS-PPC 1.8b9d14.

Since it's hard-coded, changing it would be difficult. Why are you looking for this? (Technical Support, Stalker Labs) said:

The parameters for suspending an SMTP session suspected in address harvesting are hardcoded as follows:

#define kRCPTFailShortCounter 3 // so many failures will cause short delay
#define kRCPTFailShortDelay 10 // 10 seconds
#define kRCPTFailLongCounter 10 // so many failures will cause long delay
#define kRCPTFailLongDelay 60 // 1 minute

Understand that the lines quoting the #defines are source code which has been compiled into the data fork. You will not find instances of those variable by those names in the compiled code.

If you are hoping to change those parameters, officially, you cannot -- being hard coded and all.

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