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De: Stefan Jeglinski <>
Sujet: Re: Windows Eudora drops connection
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 11:50:59 -0400
A: SIMS Discussions <>
I have a new client running Eudora Windows 7.01, and she can send and receive e-mails just fine. But if she tries to send an attachment, even a small one, SIMS reports an Abort received, reason=54. On her end, Eudora reports "error writing to network. Cause: connection reset by remote side (10054)." Then, ever after, she can send no e-mails at all, with or without attachments. POP still works.

Thanks Michael, billc (no, she's in Galveston, quite a hitch from Austin), and Joe, for thoughts.

We tried just about everything that was reasonable to try with this client, who is not particularly computer-savvy, and then some, to the point that we probed the edges of her sanity. Everything, that is, but shutting SIMS down, which we finally did, and brought up postfix. Problem fixed immediately. I still don't think it was SIMS per se, as I have been running it for 9 years, but this was pretty clear cut in the end, some bizarre problem that I guess was exacerbated by the particular network path from her (sbcglobal) to me (now time warner business class). It might have even gone away on its own with some random fix at any point along the way, but we couldn't afford to relay on that.

And so ends my long affair with SIMS. That was the last instance of SIMS I ran. I'm now on postfix completely, and so far things are OK I guess. I do have one question about mimicking a SIMS router function in postfix, I will post that separately.

Of course I intend to stick around on the list as long as it is working. I've learned more about e-mail and MTAs here than anywhere else I've ever read. Thanks to all that have contributed to this list, especially the recognized master, Bill Cole. (Bill, my offer to buy you beer.dinner in the Raleigh-Durham area still stands, if you ever pass through here)


Stefan Jeglinski
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