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On Oct 20, 2006, at 9:48 AM, Bill Cole wrote:

Is there one or two "best" blacklists I should enter into the appropriate place in SIMS?

The best single list for coverage and lack of collateral damage is the Spamhaus combined SBL+XBL. See http://www.spamhaus.org/sbl/howtouse.html for details. The head of Spamhaus, Steve Linford, has been a SIMS user and was a member of this list for many years and may still be reading here. I doubt that anyone still using SIMS has enough mail flow to make the paid data feed of the SBL+XBL necessary, and you should have no problem using it via DNS queries.

You should note that in order to use any DNSBL you need to have the addresses that it returns (e.g. for the SBL+XBL) in your SIMS IP address blacklist.

What are others using for this?

I use the Spamhaus list, a list of Korean ranges documented at http://korea.services.net/ and a list described at http://www.sectoor.de/tor.php that lists TOR  nodes that allow spamming use. I also use a very severe local blacklist implemented as a DNSBL because it is far too large for the SIMS blacklist and because it is helping my glacially slow migration off of SIMS.

Thanks Bill for the help with this. I think I've got it figured out....

I added those address to the SIMS IP Black list (and after one failed attempt realised I needed to check the check mark for that and update the settings <g>)

I put the sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org into the "RBL Server Blacklist" and Updated that.

Sending a test message as the SpamHaus site suggested returned this message to me...

Testing your SBL block.  See http://www.crynwr.com/spam/ for more info.
Please note that this test will not tell you if your server is open for
relaying.  Instead, it tests to see if your server blocks email from IP
addresses listed in various blocking lists; in this case, the SBL list.

Here's how the conversation looked from sbl.crynwr.com.
Note that some sites don't apply the SBL block to postmaster, so
I use your envelope sender as the To: address.

I connected to and here's the conversation I had:

220-clanmoffat.org Stalker Internet Mail Server V.1.8b9d14 is ready.
220 ESMTP is spoken here. You are welcome
helo sbl.crynwr.com
250 clanmoffat.org is pleased to meet you
mail from:<>
250 <> sender accepted
rcpt to:<WebMaster@ClanMoffat.org>
591 [] No mail will be accepted. Your host is in a Black List. sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org
Terminating conversation

From which I'm assuming the second last line starting with 591 is my SIMS telling crynwr.com that it's in the Black List and so no mail is accepted?



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