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At 2:24 PM +0100 11/15/06, Jona Tallieu (T & T NV) wrote:
From: Alexandre Lollini <alex2@espacelollini.com>
Date: Wed 15 Nov 2006 10:25:01 GMT+01:00
Subject: Re: New RBL from SpamHaus


ZEN is the combination of all Spamhaus DNSBLs into one single powerful and
comprehensive blocklist to make querying faster and simpler. It contains the
SBL, the XBL and the new PBL blocklist.

Caution: zen.spamhaus.org replaces sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org.

If you are currently using sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org you can now replace
'sbl-xbl' with 'zen' (sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org will eventually become obsolete
and may in the future be withdrawn from service).

Since I changed from sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org to zen.spamhaus.org
I receive a huge amount of spam
in the logs I see that less are blocked by zen.
less meaning that zen works... but it is not enough.

spamtraps are blocking some, but all this together is not enough.

I've always chosen not to use spam filtering others than rbls and spamtraping, and it was always ok.

something seems broken there.

Normally there should not be a difference between zen and sbl-xbl...

From the Spamhaus website:
"zen.spamhaus.org is currently available on all of our DNSBL mirrors. However as the new PBL zone has not yet been released you will not yet see any difference between querying SBL-XBL and ZEN until after the PBL is released."

I've also noticed an overall increase in spam over the last few weeks, and I haven't yet switched to zen.  Lots of stuff with subject lines "re: new 5423" and "re: good 864" and the like have been slipping through here.

One of the anti-spam sites (sorry, i forget which one right at the moment) noted that Poland had in recent weeks become the major non-US source of spam, beating out China and Korea.

So though you're seeing more spam, it might be the nature of the spammers and some new spamming techniques that are at fault, rather than failure of the RBL.  You could always switch back and see if that helps (and let us know if you see an appreciable difference).

Bill Christensen

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