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De: Christopher Bort <>
Sujet: Re: New RBL from SpamHaus
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 11:49:39 -0800
A: SIMS Discussions <>
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On 11/15/06 at 10:26, billc wrote:

> One of the anti-spam sites (sorry, i forget which one right at the
> moment) noted that Poland had in recent weeks become the major non-US
> source of spam, beating out China and Korea.

I have certainly been seeing a lot of spam coming through my server from pl
IP addresses lately.

> So though you're seeing more spam, it might be the nature of the
> spammers and some new spamming techniques that are at fault, rather
> than failure of the RBL.  You could always switch back and see if
> that helps (and let us know if you see an appreciable difference).

Since zen is a superset of the sbl-xbl list, using it should result in more
blocked connections or, at worst, the same as compared to sbl-xbl (I'm not
sure if the new pbl list that's supposed to be included in zen is online
yet). That has indeed been my own experience with the zen list since I
switched to it from sbl-xbl a couple of weeks ago.

At any rate, RBLs are at the 'coarse' end of the spectrum of spam
filtration tools. While they can block a lot of spam, they also typically
allow a non-trivial amount to get through (spammers don't always
conveniently send only from blacklisted IP addresses) and there's no way to
monitor for false positives short of senders complaining about messages not
being delivered (connections are blocked before an SMTP session is started,
so you can't know anything about the envelope or content of the messages
being blocked). If the RBLs you use are chosen judiciously, they can be a
good front line screening tool, but you'll still need other tools to catch
what gets through them. 'Other tools' include Return-path checking,
spamtraps, content filtering, etc. The 'etc.' depends on what your MTA can
do. SIMS' anti-spam toolbox, while it was pretty good when SIMS was under
active development, is fairly limited for the current state of the spam
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