Mailing List Message #15380
From: Fokko van Duin <>
Subject: Re: Greetpause
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 14:59:54 +0100
To: SIMS Discussions <>
At 05:19 -0800 29-11-2006,  Lewis Butler wrote:
Do you mean that from v5.1 CGPro is free for up to 5 accounts?

That would be fantastic, but what is the catch?

The catch?  Why would there be a catch?

Well, I am a bit suspicious as CGpro basic cost almost $900 (25 accounts), so I assume there are fine prints for the free 5 user limit version. Not?

I can't find any info about this generous option, any links?


Fokko van Duin,
CDS advanced technology bv,

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