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Thanks for your quick response.
You need a smtp line in your router. It's been a while but something like

company.co.uk = mail.company.co.uk.smtp
You'll have to excuse my ignorance here - can you explain what the entry:


relates to? I can't quite get my head round how it fits into the scheme of things!

You may or may not need that.

You'll have designated some domain name or IP address in your General page as the "official" name of the mail server.  You'll need to be sure that every other way that you refer to this server - every other IP address and domain name variation - is also accounted for.

For instance, my server is identified as mail.greenbuilder.com on the general page.

In the router, the first lines are

So with those lines and the appropriate accounts set up, I can receive mail for


You may want to crank up the logging level and see what errors you throw if you still have errors after doing that.

Also, in the latest beta (stable as a rock for some 5 years now, at least => 1.8b9d14, and you *definitely* should be using this and not the 1.7x versions) you have an email routing test at the bottom of the router page.  Plug in one of your email addresses and see what you get.

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