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Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 02:37:29 -0600
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At 11:43 PM -0600 2/5/07, List Stuff wrote:
Re-image the box (or get a new one), run Mac OSX or Linux and get SurgeMail - - unless you are independently wealthy and can afford CommuniGatePro - myself, I would rather buy a new house vs. spend that kind of money on CGPro (coming from someone that ran CGPro for over 5 years until they raised the price and put time-bombs in the code).

uh oh.  Time bombs in the code?  More details please?

I recently got sick of dealing with the lackluster performance/difficulty of dealing with the the open source products I'd tried (I'd settled on Xmail and foolishly thought the UMPL webmail would actually be worth using.  I needed something that would work well without a lot of hassles, and this wasn't it) and decided to pony up for a small Communigate license last June.

Like SIMS, it has worked flawlessly.  I'm not completely thrilled at paying $25-30 per user (at this license level), but the quality and lack of hassle has so far been worth it on a one-time basis.

But if it's time limited I'm not going to be a happy camper.  I see people on the Communigate list all the time running old 4.x versions (they've been in the 5.1.3 and higher zone since last June).
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