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On 5-Feb-2007, at 22:32, Charles Mangin wrote:
so my SIMS box has become unreliable of late. what should i do?

i have several options at hand:

rebuild the box (an old G3 desktop) with a fresh OS 9 and SIMS installs
replace the box with a new mac, OS X and communigate pro - or some open source postfix thingy

Always a good idea.

replace the box with a linux box, run fedora and postfix/sendmail on it

Well, replace Fedora with FreeBSD.  Yes, I like FreeBSD more than linux, but that's not why I am recommending it, rather that OS X is BSD based, so there is much more similarity between them, so a gentler learning curve.

I went from SIMS on a 6200 and 8.6 to a FreeBSD machine running postfix, spamassassin, postgrey, and squirrelmail.  Works a treat.  Upgrading, even with ports, is still a nightmare at times, but it allowed me to do something with a $99 Lindows PC that didn't require spending any more money on it.

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