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On 6-Feb-2007, at 09:34, Lewis Butler wrote:
I went from SIMS on a 6200 and 8.6 to a FreeBSD machine running postfix, spamassassin, postgrey, and squirrelmail.  Works a treat.  Upgrading, even with ports, is still a nightmare at times, but it allowed me to do something with a $99 Lindows PC that didn't require spending any more money on it.

Hate to reply to myself, but thought I would mention that I also use courier-IMAP for imapd-ssl and mysql for the courier imap users.  I used to be a big fan of postfixadmin, but the current verison doesn't work on my system, returns useless errors, and I've made not progress on getting it to work properly.

In addition to squirrelmail I'm also using roundcube, although it's got quite a lot of problems, so I am still recommending squirrelmail to my users.

Once you get through the initial pain of setting up postfix/courier/mysql/spamassassin/postgrey it really does mostly run itself.

I try to check for updates to the major components every month or so.

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