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Hate to reply to myself, but thought I would mention that I also use courier-IMAP for imapd-ssl and mysql for the courier imap users.  I used to be a big fan of postfixadmin, but the current verison doesn't work on my system, returns useless errors, and I've made not progress on getting it to work properly.

Agree there. I followed isp-in-a-box more or less to the letter, and used postfixadmin as instructed. Yeeech. Much better/easier to use the webmin interface to mysql.

In addition to squirrelmail I'm also using roundcube, although it's got quite a lot of problems, so I am still recommending squirrelmail to my users.

I've been meaning to try roundcube but not gotten around to it, so I use squirrelmail also. I recently joined the squirrelmail plugins list, but I must say that it is not confidence-inspiring. To my surprise, low traffic, lots of carping... I get the distinct impression, quite possibly wrong from my small glimpse, that the squirrelmail developers are a burned-out lot.

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