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Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 09:31:51 -0800
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On 02/06/07 at 08:10, Stefan Jeglinski wrote:

> If your situation is 100% vanilla and doesn't require ANY deviation
> from Apple's Server Admin view of server administration, straight OSX
> Server will work fine, for $500. My experience is that if you want to
> go outside of Apple's Server Admin boundaries even a little, you will
> have to go under the hood immediately and your situation will be
> virtually unchanged from just running on OSX sans the $500 server, or
> Linux.
> If you are comfortable with under the hood, I would strongly suggest
> skipping the $500 server, unless you have to be up and running
> finished in an hour (how much do you get paid for this project?). If
> you purchase now, you will have but one more point upgrade, then have
> to pay again for Leopard Server if you want to keep up. Then there is
> the Apple-factor to deal with - eg they will change things to their
> own liking, making a decision on your part of how to upgrade er, "an
> interesting one" (mailman is an example). This is in no way a true
> obstacle, but it does require you to put resources to the task. In
> retrospect, better to build it all yourself, then upgrade with
> confidence as you wish. Any old OSX-capable mac will do, perhaps even
> your old G3, or just run Linux on it.

As you imply, you don't need OS X Server to use Postfix on OS X. It's
included with regular OS X. However, you would need to install your own
POP|IMAP|Webmail|anti-spam|anti-virus solution(s) (Courier|Cyrus,
Squirrelmail, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, or whatever suits your requirements).

> Another option I have not tried yet but am intending to:
> This is an independent collection of applications, that appears to be
> in the same spirit as isp-in-a-box2.

It's a packaging of Exim, Courier IMAP and ClamAV. Exim and Courier are
compiled to use MySQL for the user database and the default Exim config is
set up to use SpamAsssassin. I use it on my home server and am very
satisfied with it. It's set up to run on OS X Server, but it can be
installed easily on regular OS X with a little extra tweaking (you need to
install some components that are present in Server but not in OS X, like
MySQL and SpamAssassin). I've replaced the ECM build of ClamAV with Fink's
simply because keeping it up to date is easier. One of the main reasons I
went with ECM is that it's based on Exim, which I consider to be superior
to Postfix.

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