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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 09:43:54 +0100
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On 6 févr. 07, at 22:21, Roger Moffat wrote:

I've traded and hour or two a week taking care of denying or allowing people who want to sign up to a message board (and ironically probably 75% of them are spammers too!!!) I have an interest in for having 10 eMail accounts hosted by the ISP dude who owns the board. The spam is down from many hundreds a week to less than 10 getting through to my mailboxes.

And I don't have a 6100 running in my basement full time now.

This made my day, in fact I just need two accounts, and I want them to be to look clean.
of course there are several aliases, spamtraps addresses etc..
and if there is webmail and imap it is a bonus ;o)

It is really a pain in the . to run a computer 24/7 reliably, just for that.
in my case it is a 9.1 iMac 233, it never crashes, however sometimes SIMS stops listening on its port, and I have really no clue of the cause.
wile SIMS is dumb, the iMac is fully functionnal, and everything tcp works (run ie etc.)
I've just sheduled a weekly shutdown and startup with 6 minutes downtime.

I now think the best solution for me is no mac, no freeBSD, just relying on experienced pros for a reasonable price, no matter what they are using, as long as I stay in control. Anyone willing to host my email?

Otherwise I will switch to postfix, to go with my webserver on regular OSX.

I 100% agree to the high quality of this list (a few but qualified people), and it is relevant that the list continues to deal with various mac, email and spam filtering issues.

write me out of the list:


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