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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 04:50:16 -0700
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On 6-Feb-2007, at 10:14, Stefan Jeglinski wrote:
Hate to reply to myself, but thought I would mention that I also use courier-IMAP for imapd-ssl and mysql for the courier imap users.  I used to be a big fan of postfixadmin, but the current verison doesn't work on my system, returns useless errors, and I've made not progress on getting it to work properly.

Agree there. I followed isp-in-a-box more or less to the letter, and used postfixadmin as instructed. Yeeech. Much better/easier to use the webmin interface to mysql.

The advantage to postfix admin is that you can foist off the admin of many of the domains to someone else, instead of having to change passwords, ad email aliases, etc yourself.

In addition to squirrelmail I'm also using roundcube, although it's got quite a lot of problems, so I am still recommending squirrelmail to my users.

I've been meaning to try roundcube but not gotten around to it, so I use squirrelmail also. I recently joined the squirrelmail plugins list, but I must say that it is not confidence-inspiring. To my surprise, low traffic, lots of carping... I get the distinct impression, quite possibly wrong from my small glimpse, that the squirrelmail developers are a burned-out lot.

Squirrelmail needs a kick in the pants.  It's been languishing for years.  Roundcube, once it's really stable, should be that kick.  It's VERY nice, especially if you are used to the lethargy that is Squirrelmail.

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