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thanks to everyone who weighed in on this, my tough decision to finally put my SIMS box out to pasture.

to answer some of the questions:

the box is my mail server, and hosts about 50 accounts for myself and clients, with numerous other aliases and redirects.

i have been overall *very* satisfied with SIMS since moving to it from EIMS many years ago, and continue to have a good success rate at blocking spam (see http://www.option8.com/hosting/ for statistics), despite SIMS' lack of up-to-date SPAM filtering. myself, i only get 2-3 spams a day to my publicly visible addresses.

however, the problem has become more frequent freezes on the machine itself, where it must be rebooted to regain connectivity. i haven't been able to ascertain the problem as SIMS or OS9 or some failing hardware.

i'm leaning toward one of two things: repurpose one of my many beige boxes as a linux server - and spend exactly $0 to replace the server i spent $0 to build in the first place more than 5 years ago. *or* spend ~$500 on a used or refurbed Mac Mini and $500 on OS X server.

i've had experience managing both types of installations - i run fedora at home and on my web server, and, aside from some experiments with netatalk that brought my home server to its knees, have had few problems and little or no unplanned downtime. i also have installed and managed OS X server as a file server more than once. however, i've never set up either for mail.

... and i'm a litle hesitant to spend $1000 on something when the alternative is free, especially since the software i'll be serving with is essentially the same - the added value of  Apple's server admin apps notwithstanding. and then there's the fact that leopard is right around the corner, with leopard server right behind it, and another $500 to keep current.

sigh. i'm torn.

right now, i'm feeling like i should compromise and get a low-end mini and put plain ol' tiger on it, and run some of the postfix "enabler" things on it. with remote desktop and SSH, i can do almost any admin function i need from home.

thanks again for all the advice.

Charles Mangin
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