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On 02/07/07 at 11:59, Todd Reed wrote:

> I posted a few minutes ago that the comments on this subject cleared
> it all up for me, but now I've got a couple of more questions.
> Seems like my posts are not showing up intermittently as well.
> In any event, my checklist has shrunk somewhat based on the comments
> made so far.
> It seems to me now that I could take two approaches. I could leave
> SIMS name unchanged locally, leave DNS unchanged on the old domain,
> set up the new domain with MX pointing to SIMS, and put a router
> entry equating
> <*@newdomain>=*@olddomain.com
> Or
> I could change SIMS name to 'mail.newdomain.com'. Take the old domain MX
> record and point to A record/mail.newdomain.com.
> New domain MX and A records - mail.newdomain.com.
> Router entry <*@olddomain.com>=*@newdomain.com.
> Both would get the same result. If that's true, any comments on using
> one or the other?

Will you be keeping and using the old domain name indefinitely or will its
use be phased out (e.g. registration allowed to expire)? If the latter, or
if there's some other preference in favor of using the new domain, then the
second approach makes more sense in the long run.

Also, again, if it were me, I'd simplify the router entry to
olddomain.com=newdomain.com. The user part wildcards are superfluous and,
to me at least, the domain level syntax is easier to read. I don't know if
it makes any difference in the router module's performance.

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