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On Feb 7, 2007, at 2:21 PM, Charles Mangin wrote:

... and i'm a litle hesitant to spend $1000 on something when the alternative is free, especially since the software i'll be serving with is essentially the same - the added value of  Apple's server admin apps notwithstanding. and then there's the fact that leopard is right around the corner, with leopard server right behind it, and another $500 to keep current.

I switched to OS X Server 10.4 when I left SIMS. I did so simply because I had the spare license available, and I figured having OS X Server handle everything would make things easier.

Now, having run it for quite some time, I can say, the OS X "Server" advantage is actually very little. I get exactly two things out of using OS X Server. 1: a nice place to enter base mail accounts (this does not include aliases or virtual domain addresses if you want to use postfix filtering, as the "Apple" way is not compliant with the "Postfix" way. So if you plan to really leverage postfix, you have to do all your other addressing manually in the appropriate postfix files), and 2: Apple taking care of security updates.

Both of those I personally don't think warrant the money, especially considering that #2 has become a disadvantage as of late, as the last two updates I installed actually brought my server to its knees and I had to spend several hours getting things back to life. So I've stopped installing updates offered by Apple entirely. (This problem may be related to the hardware I'm running on, but it could also be because Apple has some files in incorrect places and with incorrect syntax, and their updates seem to overwrite anything that you changed manually, which means after an update, you are back to a broken mail server that needs to be manually fixed again).

Everything else regarding my mail server admin, I have to do manually. And there is stuff that is supposed to be handled by Server Admin that isn't due to bugs or similar in OS X Server and need to be configured (or reconfigured) by hand anyway. I thinking specifically of SpamAssassin that doesn't seem to work "out of the box" due to incorrect syntax in the config files, and incorrect paths. So I had to redo the config by hand, and correct path links to get SpamAssassin working.

If I had to do it again from scratch, I'd not bother with OS X Server and instead just use regular OS X and follow one of the various directions sites out there for installing all the components to turn it into a server.


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