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Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 10:35:32 -0600
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on Wed, Feb 7, 2007 SIMS Discussions may have said:

>> I think the quality of this list has to be the biggest reason SIMS =20
>> was not universally abandoned 5+ years ago.
>That's certainly true for me.
>I finally shut down my last SIMS server about six months ago in favor =20=
>of the ECM2 setup mentioned in a couple of previous posts.

Also true for myself as well. I am using a similar setup, although I'm
running on a linux box (ubuntu server) simply because I got a free dual
processor 1U machine and it allowed my to get some very affordable
colocation on a reliable network.

Be aware that any such option is going to be much more difficult to
setup and maintain than SIMS.

I switched simply because I was getting so much SPAM traffic that the
8500 could no longer keep up. An interesting find was that the SIMS
server hasd a 92% blockage on incoming attempts and the new setup with
EXIM and SpamAssassin has a 99% blockage. So in actual arrival of spam
emails I went down from ~500 a day to under 100, a huge win.

Lane Roathe
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