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On 02/08/07 at 07:57, Lewis Butler wrote:

> On 7-Feb-2007, at 22:02, Bill Cole wrote:
> > At 6:19 PM -0800 2/7/07, Christopher Bort  imposed structure on a
> > stream of electrons, yielding:
> >
> >> If you're only running 'internet' services (mail, web, ftp), then
> >> you are absolutely correct. OS X Server is not worth the premium
> >> price. It _is_ worth it, however, if you are in an environment
> >> where you need the other services included with Server (file
> >> services, 'collaboration' services, etc.) and you need them to be
> >> integrated through Open Directory.
> >
> > The one thing I am considering shelling out for is just that.
> > Putting together a small network of machines for a small number of
> > users gets to be a nuisance fast, particularly if you have users
> > who want the sort of behavior they've had in enterprise-scale
> > Novell, Windows, and Solaris environments: one account, same user
> > experience no matter where they log in, etc.
> The main reasons I've considered getting OSXS is network $HOME
> directories.  As I understand it, theoretically possible with OS X,
> but a huge pain.

Not just theoretically possible. Many, many installations use network homes
successfully. Many of them have few or no problems, but there are some
possible issues. The archives of Apple's OS X Server, Client Management and
System Imaging lists will provide examples of those issues (keep in mind
that people post to technically oriented mailing lists because they have
problems; no one posts just to say, 'Hey, my installation is humming along

> > Top of my list of cool projects I would do with my next bit of free
> > time (um, yeah, right) is to replicate that without the $500 price
> > tag for Server. All the parts are there in the open Darwin tree
> > except for the pretty GUI's and the widgetry they talk to.
> Yeah, it's all 'there' but getting to it and getting it setup right
> is evidently a bit of an issue.  If you ever do do it and get it
> working, writeup a howto and send it along, will ya?

If it's about the money, pony up for a Server license. It would almost
certainly take more than $500 or $1,000 worth of time to cobble together
comparable functionality from scratch. If it's about the experience of
solving the problem, then have at it. It would just as certainly be an
interesting and absorbing project.  8^)

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