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De: Jorge Chamorro <>
Sujet: Re: An elemental question.
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 11:08:23 +0100
A: SIMS Discussions <>
Thanks for all that help ! I have already changed it to 25 times @ 15
minutes intervals. Let's see if the messages now make it's way through...

About the other (reverse-DNS lookup) question, I have a problem with My server's IP is listed there as belonging to a pool of dynamic
IPs, even though in fact it's a rented, non-dynamic, and fixed IP. It is
true that it doesn't resolve the same way in both directions, but is this
enough reason to reject it ? From the point of view of it
certainly is, and it looks like more and more servers are starting to lookup
that list...

I don't see how can I solve this problem ?


El 28/2/07 07:32, "Bill Cole" <> escribió:

> At 6:05 PM -0600 2/27/07, Dave Pooser  imposed structure on a stream
> of electrons, yielding:
>>>  So a maximum retry of 30 minutes?  That's insane.
>>>  Retry interval should be over 5 minutes, and it should retry at least
>>>  for several days.  I think 4 days is normal.
>> It all depends on your business needs. At $DAYJOB we only retry for 4 hours;
>> in our line of work if the message hasn't been delivered in 4 hours we'd
>> rather fail the message so the sender knows to try another approach. YMMV,
>> of course.
> Total time hat short has justifications in some places. Retry faster
> than every 5 minutes does not.

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