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lately, since adding a fairly active domain to my SIMS setup, i've been getting a pretty constant flood of bad messages - a fairly persistent dictionary attack on this one domain in particular. i have the feeling their old host had a catch-all alias on their domain before.

anyhoo, two questions:
1> is it possible to mitigate or stop the dictionary-style spams from effecting my server? they're all routed to error or stopped by blackholes, but they still take up SMTP channels, and the server is delaying other mail to deal with them

2> is there a reason why, after a few hours or days of this, the SMTP part of SIMS would simply stop responding? i can see it in the logs - it handles SMTP fine, delivering/bouncing/routing messages one minute. the next minute, it's crickets. POP still handles connections and delivers mail to clients that log in, but i have to restart SIMS to get SMTP to respond.

any thoughts?

(i know, i know... i said a while back that i was in the process of migrating away from SIMS - i went with EXIM on a mac mini - but hardware problems with the mini set me back a couple of weeks. anyhoo, the SIMS server isn't retired yet, and i'd like to keep it in service for another few weeks at least.)

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