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the hardware problems i ran into with the mac mini were due to a bad RAM chip, though it took - and not for the first time in my experience - two trips to apple to get it fixed (it can't be the RAM. the RAM tests fine, so it must be the logic board. still happening? must be the optical drive [!?] oh, the RAM only tests bad when the machine is running hot? oh. maybe we'll replace the RAM...)

anyhoo, from what i've seen, the mini - barring faulty hardware - has more than enough firepower to do what i'm asking it to do. which, by the way, is run exim and squirrelmail as per the ecm2 package (http://maxo.captainnet.net/ecm2/)

It is off topic from your question, and certainly from this list, but can I ask what hardware problems you ran into? I happen to have a spare mini here that I'm considering using to move my mail server to as it will be faster, has more ram, quieter, and takes up less power than the mac I am currently using.

and to answer Bill, i have 248 megs of RAM in the SIMS box, with 138 megs allocated to SIMS, and 56 megs currently free.

2> is there a reason why, after a few hours or days of this, the SMTP part of SIMS would simply stop responding? i can see it in the logs - it handles SMTP fine, delivering/bouncing/routing messages one minute. the next minute, it's crickets. POP still handles connections and delivers mail to clients that log in, but i have to restart SIMS to get SMTP to respond.

How's your memory in this machine?\

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