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De: Elliot Wilen <>
Sujet: Alternatives to CGate Pro? (was Re: end of an era)
Date: 07 May 2007 15:26:28 -0700
A: SIMS Discussions <>
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Hi, all. I was going through my messages from the SIMS mailing list when I came across the "end of an era" thread from February. So you can assume I've read everything there.

Like the original poster of that thread, I'm finally biting the bullet and looking for a replacement for SIMS. I've already got a Mac Mini slated for the hardware (which will also host Filemaker Pro Server and Meeting Maker Server), and Communigate Pro, which I've begun testing, is the standard against which I'm measuring any other choices.

Essentially, I need a modern mail server to host about 100-150 accounts. Price is far less of a consideration than functionality and ease of use in these areas:

* modern antispam, ideally with ability to give users some control over thresholds, spam handling, and/or ability to report misclassified messages via web or email interface

* web mail (preferably with https option)

* authentication for sending mail (e.g. SMTP AUTH)

* support for at least two domains

* unlimited mailing lists, with modern sign-on and management features

* support for forwarding mail from aliases and mirroring mail from group addresses, without having them count against user licenses

* simple interface for users to set up vacation messages

Most of these are pretty standard even for free solutions like ECM2 (or possibly WebMin), not to mention SurgeMail, but there are several which I think may be problematic:

* Integration with single-sign-on solutions--CGate works with Kerberos (which also gives me Active Directory as option) as well as external helper scripts supporting LDAP, PAM, and RADIUS.

* Palm Treo support

* simplicity and ease of configuring accounts and performing maintenance tasks; I really need to be able to delegate functions to staff who may be less familiar with the system than I will be, not to mention times when I'm away.

Can anyone speak to the capabilities of the alternatives in these areas? The last three are really essential. Also, the ability of CGate to function in place of an Exchange server could be a considerable benefit in the next year or so. So if that capability is available with any of the alternatives, it would good to know.

Thanks in advance.

--Elliot Wilen

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