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De: billc <>
Sujet: Re: Rejected Mail - Reason=61
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 12:37:36 -0500
A: SIMS Discussions <>
At 2:30 PM +0100 6/27/07, Support(THS) wrote:
I am having a problem with email being sent to my domain ( by a customer. The email is being rejected by my domain holder's mail server ( it would appear (- see mail log extract below). This problem appears to have only arisen around the beginning of April - it wasn't a problem before the beginning of April. I know nothing has changed on the customer's mail server as I run it. I would be grateful for any assistance in helping to resolve this issue.

Looks like your client's DNS is messed up.  From <>:

Mail FAIL Connect to mail servers ERROR: I could not complete a connection to any of your mailservers! Timed out [Last data sent: RCPT TO: ] Timed out [Last data sent: RCPT TO: ] Timed out [Last data sent: RCPT TO: ]

If this is a timeout problem, note that the DNS report only waits about 40 seconds for responses, so your mail *may* work fine in this case but you will need to use testing tools specifically designed for such situations to be certain.


There are other problems as well. If SIMS can't verify the sending server's existence (assuming you have that requirement turned on) then it'll bounce the mail.

I'm not positive that fixing the dns will solve the problem, but it would be a good idea anyway.

Bill Christensen

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