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Thanks for your reply billc. The thing that I find interesting is that the ridgedale.co.uk domain appears to be the only domain that the customer's mail server is
having a problem with. In addition to that everything was working fine before the start of April and I know nothing has changed other than the updating of the Router
list in that time.

It is also clear from the logs that the ridgedale.co.uk domain host's mailserver is causing the mail rejections - if I am interpreting the logs correctly. In addition I
know I am not receiving emails for the Ridgedale domain from various other sources - namely when I am trying to register to use forums.

I know the customer's mail setup is convoluted but it has been working without any significant problems for at least 6 years. This is the first time I've come across
this problem.

The Tin Horse domain appears to be hosted in the USA and the domain's mail is directed to the company's POP mailbox with its broadband ISP Opal (formerly RedNet). The
customer's mail server sits in-house behind a Cisco firewall and it picks up all the domain's email through the company's POP mailbox. All outgoing email is sent from
the in-house mailserver directly to the intended recipient's mail server.

In this instance, do you think it would be better to send all outgoing email via the company's broadband ISP mailservers?
I'd appreciate any advice on how to go about resolving these issues.

Thanks again.

Dene Stringfellow

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