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De: Joe Wagner <>
Sujet: Forwarding user's email with lots o' spam to Yahoo
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 16:37:48 -0400
A: <>
X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Version
Hi Folks,
        Here's the situation. I have a user who's address(es) gets a lot of spam for her business address(es) that I host. Between Polustop and her own spam filtering, most of the couple thousand daily spam get filtered out and she manually deals with the rest. However, as a backup starting from way back when she asked and I setup that her email also gets forwarded on to her yahoo account, which has different filters and so perhaps gives her a chance of noticing email that she'd miss on her primary account.

Good enough. It seems to work for her and she says she's caught important work messages she'd otherwise miss (which proportion of  yahoo's different filters, versus the simple additional separate visual inspection by her of her In box is unknown).

However, for a while now, Yahoo apparently filters at reception and not surprisingly disconnects with a message body rejected notice based on a certain number of emails being sent with spam content -- but does not give a fatal error for the offending message, prompting messages building up in the queue with:
message text rejected by 451 Message temporarily deferred - [70]
message text rejected by 451 Message temporarily deferred - [170]

This would cause other users problems when their email gets stuck in the yahoo backlog but I SIMS mail servers (and CG servers) that don't normally send out bound email that I simply routed her outgoing stream through one of them.

She is a long time customer, and the current setup works for both of use, though the backlog of messages get fairly large.  I could suggest she gets a Gmail account, but in the alternative, is there a way for me or her to tell Yahoo let this stream flow?

Any suggestions on an alternative setup that lets my user keep her alternative Yahoo email reading?


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