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At 11:21 AM +1000 8/7/07, Wayne Irvine  imposed structure on a stream of electrons, yielding:
Been having a lot of bouncebacks from servers that check the host name of
the sending server.

Apparently mine reports back 'Stalker'

Doesn't look that way from here. The greeting string on your server has the old SIMS bug of no hostname in the banner string, meaning that the first token after the reply code number is "Stalker" but that's not likely to be an operational problem. Rather, it appears that your server is running on, an address with NO reverse DNS.

Reverse DNS is dependent on delegations of zones under in-addr.arpa from (ultimately) ICANN/IANA through the RIR's (APNIC, ARIN, RIPE, LACNIC, and AFRINIC) to responsible downstream parties. In your case it looks like your address allocation was from AUNIC and has since reverted to APNIC and they don't know where to point the delegation for 144.24.203.in-addr.arpa.

Is there a way to configure this or is SIMS not able to survive in this
modern environment?

Your lack of reverse DNS is not a SIMS problem. Any mail server on any address in 203.24.144.* would face the same problem. Straighten out whatever is not right between you and APNIC and bring up an authoritative nameservers for your reverse DNS, and that will solve your problem of looking like nobody.

Fixing the (extremely minor)  problem of the banner string is just a matter of using the last version of SIMS: 1.8b9d14. It has been running solidly for about 7 years and fixes a number of little problems in the last 'real' beta, some of them rather more meaningful than the banner.

Bill Cole

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