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????: Re: SIMS won't send for device (was Re: Ping list (sorry but have seen nothing for days))
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At 10:14 AM -0500 9/24/07, NetHead  imposed structure on a stream of electrons, yielding:
Okay, I'll go you one better. I can send through a different SMTP server.
I had a technician for the device in question (a Kycera-Mita copier, just
in case you were curious) come on site to try and resolve the problem. He
runs a very simple SMTP program on his laptop. We changed the settings on
the KM copier to send SMTP via his laptop's ip and the transmissions went
through flawlessly. But when I switched back to the IP of the SIMS
server, they failed again. So I don't think the problem is hardware
related. And I don't think the copier is simply "dropping" the
connection... why would it do it to SIMS and not some other SMTP server?

It might do that if the SMTP client software is written to expect a particular sort of banner that the SIMS banner does not match. One possible area: your log snippet indicated a multi-line banner from SIMS. That is slightly unusual, but is technically valid. Historically, some clients have choked on it. Spambots circa 2001 had serious problems with it, making it a good thing to set up. Another related issue is with some very stupid firewalls (notably the Cisco PIX) that try to filter SMTP in ways that break SMTP, including multi-line banners.

The log was quite clear about what happened: the copier connected, SIMS sent a banner, the copier gave a HELO, and then the copier sent a disconnect before SIMS could respond. That would be weird for a system having problems with the multi-line banner, but I suppose it could be pipelining the HELO...

So, all that said, I'm back to square one.

If you have any more ideas, I'm willing to listen. Or if I missed
something in my explanation above, let me know.

Joe's suggestion of looking at cables isn't a bad one, but I'd start with making sure that you don't have a stupid firewall trying to filter SMTP between the copier and SIMS, and then looking at a packet trace (e.g. tcpdump ) to nail down  timing and ordering of events more tightly than "all in the same second" and "SIMS logged them in this order"

Bill Cole

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