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Sorry... didn't mean to imply that Joe's suggestion was "bad".

I found a solution that did not involve SIMS, so I think we'll let this
thread die a dignified death.

Your mention of a "stupid firewall" made me do a little checking of the
firewall here. That wasn't the obvious problem, but I did clean up some
old settings.

Thanks to all who offered suggestions.

Doug Starkey
Network Administrator
Pecan Deluxe Candy Company

Wasn't it SIMS Discussions SIMS@mail.stalker.com who once said...

>Joe's suggestion of looking at cables isn't a bad one, but I'd start
>with making sure that you don't have a stupid firewall trying to
>filter SMTP between the copier and SIMS, and then looking at a packet
>trace (e.g. tcpdump ) to nail down  timing and ordering of events
>more tightly than "all in the same second" and "SIMS logged them in
>this order"
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