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????: Setting account to allow mail from domain only
????: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 08:49:16 -0800
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Howdy all,

On our SIMS server we have an account that is set to mirror messages
received to a subset of our domain user accounts, a mirror-to list. The
account address got on a spam list so now we're seeing the same spams
delivered to the entire list of users.

What I'm trying to accomplish is to block messages to that account that come
from outside our domain.

I'm wondering if there is some routing entry I can make so that mail for
this account will only be allowed if emanating from our domain? I know that
won't block forged headers. Better yet, only allowed if the sender is a POP
over SMTP authenticated user.

Thanks in advance for any tips on this subject.

Todd Reed

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