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> Howdy all,
> On our SIMS server we have an account that is set to mirror
> messages received to a subset of our domain user accounts, a
> mirror-to list. The account address got on a spam list so now
> we're seeing the same spams delivered to the entire list of users.
> What I'm trying to accomplish is to block messages to that
> account that come from outside our domain.
> I'm wondering if there is some routing entry I can make so
> that mail for this account will only be allowed if emanating
> from our domain? I know that won't block forged headers.
> Better yet, only allowed if the sender is a POP over SMTP
> authenticated user.
> Thanks in advance for any tips on this subject.

I don't know of a way in SIMS to set routing rules on a per-account basis.

What I'd do is run macjordomo and set up the permissions there.

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