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????: Re: blew out my router, can't get my wildcards working again
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On 01/14/08 12:13, mlr@serversmiths.com (Michael Heth) wrote:

Had a client get a corrupt file (I guess) which jammed his mailbox up
and while futzing tryng to sort things out the server hung. Then while
setting up another backup server I inadvertantly overwrote my router
tables. I got going again on a backup but cannot seem to get my
wildcarded addresses going and I can't figure out why.

Here's what I have at the top of my router

<*_email@serversmiths.com> = _email

Was this working previously? I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but, off the top of my head, I didn't think you could use underscores (_) in the local part of an address, or in account names. Might it be that it's supposed to be a hyphen (-)? Also, I'm not sure that a hyphen or an underscore can be the first character of an account name. Could it be that your router entry should be

<*-email@serversmiths.com> = email


and here is the log.

11:58:44 5 ROUTER Input: heth_1(serversmiths.com)
11:58:44 5 ROUTER Parser: heth_1@serversmiths.com -> heth_1(serversmiths.com)
11:58:44 5 ROUTER Input: heth_1()
11:58:44 5 ROUTER Parser: heth_1 -> heth_1()
11:58:44 5 ROUTER Input: clseo_email(serversmiths.com)
11:58:44 5 ROUTER Parser: clseo_email@serversmiths.com -> clseo_email(serversmiths.com)
11:58:44 5 ROUTER Input: clseo_email()
11:58:44 5 ROUTER Parser: clseo_email -> clseo_email()
11:58:44 1 SMTP-601(QMTA07.westchester.pa.mail.comcast.net) SPAM? Recipient '<clseo_email@serversmiths.com>' rejected: user unknown

I can't find my SIMS docs but I'm 99.9% sure I have it right.

I also tried

*_email@serversmiths.com = _email

and each time the router still resolves to


for which there is no mailbox.

Domains on the left side of domain-level entries don't need angle brackets, but addresses do.

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