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????: Re: How to blacklist a client IP?
????: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 08:41:13 +0100
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My thanks to David Muszynski and Bill Cole for their advice. I'll ask the network people here
to block the IP number.

Alan Summerfield

On Jan 21, 2008, at 9:52 AM, Alan Summerfield wrote:


it's a few years since I had anything to do with the SIMS mailing list
but it's good to see that it's still active.

I'm back as I have a problem with a "client" at who has
since last night, been trying to get into the accounts by going through
hundreds of username/password combinations. Here's a log extract:

11:14:21 0 SYSTEM Account {consult} Resources open failed. Error Code=-43
11:14:21 1 POP {consult} is not open: password(eagle) is wrong.
Connection from []

I've put in the "Blacklisted Adresses" of the SMTP control
panel, to no effect.

What else can I do? Usernames beginning with "C" are being tried at the
moment and I suspect it won't stop until it's reached "Z"...

Alan Summerfield

Have you tried blacklisting the IP at your border device?
-- Thanks,

Neurobiologie, Uni. Heidelberg
69120 Heidelberg
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