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Sujet: Re: replacing SIMS
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 18:48:51 -0600
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At 4:45 PM -0800 2/18/08, Paul Didzerekis wrote:
>I have finally decided to replace our old SIMS server with something
>I will be running Tiger Mac OS Client (not server).
>MUST be Open source solution, No commercial program suggestions
>What I would like to have is something that can allow my clients to
>have at least a little bit of control over their email settings like
>maybe some server side anti-spam control per domain and ability to
>config their own email accounts.  Must provide at least POP and SMTP
>services, but don't care about IMAP or even webmail and of course must
>have global anti-spam ability that is under my control.
>I don't mind having to install different systems that can work
>together as long as I have good instructions to follow.  I wasted a
>day trying to follow the instructions for getting ECM2 installed but
>kept running into problems because there are no clear concise step by
>step instructions for the install process.  I also think it was
>because it is geared more towards install on Tiger Server.  It
>actually looks like a great system and I would love to use it but I
>would need better instructions on what steps to follow to get it
>installed correctly.  Has anyone else gotten it installed and running
>correctly on Tiger Client?
>What does everyone recommend to replace SIMS with that will allow at
>least the abilities I outlined above?

You may want to look at the instructions posted at

That's what I used to set up my mail server on tiger client.
Michael Croft
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