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Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 16:01:21 -0800
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On 02/19/08 11:15, (Paul Didzerekis) wrote:

I would love to get it all installed and configured but I had a hard
time doing so and spent an entire day getting things all screwed up.
I figure it must have been the order I was installing things. I have
read over the page at a dozen times
and it does not give you the order to install the packages in. In one
place it says to "Download and install packages listed on the
sidebar:" Then is also has build instructions and it also has a list
in the middle of the page with 3 steps "1. Installing SpamAssassin 2.
ECM2Admin 3. Configuration files". So what is the correct order to
get it all installed and configured correctly so that it all works?
Also will it be okay to use MAMP for the Apache/PHP/MySQL install?

I don't see why not. I don't think ECM cares where they come from, just that they're there. But since Apache and PHP are included with the OS, why install separate versions of them? And the MySQL Community installer for OS X from works just fine with minimal set-up.

I have reinstalled Tiger and have run all updates and I am ready
to go again with all the installs but would like to know the order
to do them in.

I've had the original ECM package running with no problems on a Panther client system for some years now. Yes, ECM and ECM2 are intended to be installed on OS X Server, but I found that all that was need to get it running on client was to just make sure that needed supporting software packages that are included with Server but not client (MySQL, SpamAssassin, etc.) are installed before trying to install the ECM packages. IIRC, I also made sure that expected system users were added (in my case via NetInfo) before the ECM packages needed them. It took some thought and preparation before beginning to install things but, for me at least, it went fairly smoothly. I have not installed ECM2 on a Tiger system, but I imagine it would be similar to ECM on Panther. I did e-mail George at for advice before I installed. He was willing to give encouragement and gave some general pointers but, since I was not installing on the supported platform (OS X Server), he was understandably hesitant to give specific advice.

My main reasons for using ECM were (1) it uses Exim for the MTA, and (2) it's set up to support mail users stored in a MySQL database so you don't have to give mail-only users full system accounts.

Another alternative for you might be to use the Postfix included with OS X. On a Tiger client system, this would mean that you'd have to, at minimum, install a delivery agent (Courier IMAP, Cyrus, Dovecot, etc.). You'd probably also want to install something like SpamAssassin and/or Clam for spam/virus filtering. I would not expect building and installing component packages individually to be any easier than installing pre-built packages from something like ECM, though.

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