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Dear SIMS collegues,
Still running SIMS at home (and love it), but for production server I found Zimbra Collaboration Suite.
I have very good experience in running Zimbra mailserver on Mac OS X Tiger. Particularly I am running Zimbra Open Source edition (free) on 733 MHz G4 Quicksilver 1.25 Gb RAM. Note that newest version of Zimbra is for Intel Macs only -- but  last version for PPC is still available. Zimbra installation is made as Mac installer package, and for simple basic installation you will need IP address which is directly connected to internet -- no NAT, no external firewall. If you need to run server behind NAT/Firewall, it is possible only through maintaining own DNS. Check it out at http://www.zimbra.com/apple/

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    by Paul Didzerekis <hostmaster@3-rivers.com>

 install? I have reinstalled Tiger and have run all updates and I am ready to go again with all the installs but would like to know the order to do them in.
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