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I am having a problem with my backup server.  It has been working over the years but today it won't forward the mail it has collected to the primary server.

Short Story:  Yesterday my primary server stopped listening on port 25.  I checked the backup and it also was not listening on 25. Since the backup is at my home I restarted it immediately (things had been down for about 6 hours).  The backup started immediately collecting mail but it was marked "failed" as it came in which doesn't make sense to me.

The logs might help explain that. If you have a very short retry window (as determined by retry interval and count) it can look like the messages are failing on arrival when in fact they are taking a few minutes to do so.

I also have a vague recollection of SIMS showing messages as "failed" when in fact they had retries left. I don't recall the details, but you might want to try restarting SIMS with the primary reachable and see if the queue drains on its own.

Anyway, today I started the primary in my office and cannot get the backup to send it's mail to the primary.  Does anyone know how to force this?  I hope someone is still around on this list.  BTW - I am using the latest version of SIMS (LOL).

The S.* files in the SIMS queue are plain text files consisting of the message and its headers prefaced with lines containing the SMTP envelope and queue state. I don't know that Stalker ever fully documented the semantics, and I don't remember everything I used to know about SIMS, but I THINK that you can change a terminally failed message back into a retryable message by editing the envelope recipient line(s) at the top starting with 'R E ' to start with 'R W '

You can make that change in bulk with BBEdit or any other tool that can do patterned search and replace across a folder full of files.

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