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Say Folks,

My solid as a rock SIMS server is flaky lately and I need to sort it out.

But I have another weird problem. I moved the SIMS install from an old machine to a newer machine about 6 weeks ago and everything went smooth except TB2 didn't recognize the prefs folder as being legitimate and went into demo mode. So now the demo period is up and I can't log in using TB2.

I have looked through every archive I have and can find the email with the download iink from when I went from 4.0.6 to 5.2.4 but cannot find the email with the serial no.

So if anyone has an old serviceable serial no. I can use to get my old 4.0 or 5.2 version working it would be greatly appreciated. Now that Netopia has been bought by Motorola I'm sure they will not have the old numbers and since I am running 9.1 they aren't going to have anything I can use.

I have 4.0.6 running on the server but have the 5.2.4 that I bought and have running on one of my other servers. I always went with the if it ain't broke don't fixit regimen.

Thanks, for any tips/info/advice.


Michael Heth
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