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Тема: Re: Final task
Дата: Tue, 2 Jun 2009 13:56:28 -0600
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On 2-Jun-2009, at 13:44, lcs@spellnetwork.com wrote:
You are correct - there is a disk issue - but only with 1 account - all other accounts are fine and I can copy them.  When I try to copy my account to another box, I get error -50 can't be copied.  There is probably come corruption but it's hard to find repair utilities for MAC OS 9 still around.

I thin barebones still has  an OS 9 version of BBEdit available for download.  You might be able to open the file with BBEdit. Short of that, if you can either boot OS X or put the hard drive on an OS X machine you could do

cat oldfile > newfile

and at least get most of the data out of it.


I'm not positive this will work for you since at the time there were two BBEdit products (BBedt, BBEdit Lite).  I can't find download links for BBEdit Light.

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