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From: Nick Quinn <>
Subject: Re: beta or good enough?
Date: 26 Mar 2000 08:46:35 +1000
To: <>
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On Saturday, 25 March 2000, wrote:

>From: "Jesse Proudman" <>
>I run it on my production server.

>From: Steve Linford <>
>I've been running 1.8b8 as my main ISP mail service server since it was
>released (we have quite a heavy load), it's as solid as rock.

>From: "Howard Shere" <>
>We have been running it on our server for a couple of weeks now and it seems
>to perform better than 1.7...

and then

>From: "Howard Shere" <>
>OK. It must have been watching my mail...
>We just had a crash. We dropped into MacsBug, but the keyboard was locked
>(no blinking cursor in MacsBug as well) so we couldn't type
>It was in the GetServiceAll routine just before an AEPut call. I had been
>connected with Communigator watching the active log when this

murphy is alive and well...

Thank you all. Sounds like an early start Monday (usually do this stuff 3am AEST [while us and uk are having a lazy Sunday]). So I'd better RTBIs now.

Nick Quinn
Sunshine Beach Software in OZ

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