Mailing List Message #5646
From: Aaron Lynch <>
Subject: sims stand-alone
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 23:05:19 -0800
To: <>
X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.72 (Macintosh; U; PPC)
is it possible to set up sims on a stand-alone powerbook?  I have two
reasons I want to do this:

1 I'm lazy, I think it'd be really cool if I could set up netscape to
send mail to sims on the powerbook.  if the PB is un-connected, then the
message gets queued until later by sims, but I wouldn't have to remember
to save outgoing emails, or send them later.  when I plug back in, sims
empties it's que.  boy that'd be cool.

2. I am using the PB as a demo/development machine for webstar.  If I
could run SIMS, I could have an _exact_ copy of my actual server, and
demo email feautres of the sites with webcatalog.

the problem I'm having is, Webstar won't survive the machine going to
sleep.  it goes deaf, I assume SIMS will too, this seems like a OT
thing.  Also, when unconnected, sims simply won't load.  Can I overcome
that with a setting in my host file? I spose I _could_ run quickdns
locally too but that might be a tad over the top :)

Unfortunatly, the apple hosts file doesn't seem to want to do PTR
records, so I'm prolly screwed, yes? no? maybe?  anybody got any ideas?
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