Mailing List Message #5718
From: cgb13 <>
Subject: SMTP relay for mirror only
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 22:01:13 -0400
To: <>
Is it possible to set the SMTP services so that ONLY the server can send an

I don't want to allow users to send outbound email via my server at all.
But, many of the users want their email address to mirror to a different
address as well. I had set the smtp outgoing to zero, but then all the
mirrored mail just got hung up in the queue. When I moved it to 1 channel,
then the queue was able to empty, but now a user can send email via the
server as well.

I have set the relay for clients only, and set my client list to (the internal IP for an old test machine I had, it is no
longer in use). But the users still seem to be able to relay after
authorizing via POP first.

Is there a way to tell it that ONLY the server can send email, and no users
can at all?


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