Mailing List Message #5728
From: Cerebus D Aardvark <>
Subject: Re: IE 5 can't save SIMS router
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2000 12:50:23 -0600
To: SIMS Discussions <>
on 4/7/00 11:22 PM, Cerebus D Aardvark at wrote:

 Um... I assume you mean IE5 for Mac?  No problems for me.  Just added
 a line, updated, switched to SMTP settings, switched back, line is

The only thing I noticed was the huge text in the window. This makes it hard
to route. I know I can make the text smaller, but it would be better if SIMS
drew the window larger.

IE defaults to using windows 96dpi font scaling.  Turn this off and set it back to 72dpi.

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