Mailing List Message #5740
From: Toshiya Matsushita <>
Subject: Re: wanna route to dual domain
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 15:56:12 +0900
To: (SIMS Discussions) <>
Hi, all.
Thanks cgb13(OK?).

on 2000.4.11 10:48 PM, cgb13 wrote:

> If you set it up as a mirror account and you don't want the mail to stay
> in the original mailbox, you can set the storage options to "discard
> mail". Then it will throw out the mail just after it mirrors it to the
> other email accounts, leaving the original account with an empty mailbox.

Thank you.
I have setted it and looks like.

> The auto-reply works at the account level to the best of my knowledge. So
> the router will intercept the mail before it gets far enough to know that
> there is an autoreply set for it. So in your example... the auto-reply
> should NOT work.

Yes, I understood.

> No.  Use the X-Mirror function.  Drawback is you have to create an acocunt.

I have setted "discard mail" and enter mail addresses in "mirrors".
Are you OK?

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