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From: Kirk Samuelson <>
Subject: Re: Bouncing mail
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 04:33:20 -0500
To: (SIMS Discussions) <>
on 4/14/2000 10:09 AM, Technical Support, Stalker Labs at wrote:

>>> I have a user who gets all mail at his domain with a router entry like this:
>>> <*> = user
>>> The problem is he is continually receiving mail in error for a similarly
>>> spelled domain. This mail always looks like this:
>>> ""
>>> My understanding is that two wildcards isn't supported. So <*.*>
>>> = error will not work.
>> Right. But I wish it did. Dmitry, maybe you could explain whether
>> this is either a feature that is low on the priority list, or that it
>> is a Bad Thing (tm) for some reason.
> It's just the limitation of the original implementation. Only one wild card
> per e-mail address part (in full user aliases, the account and domain parts
> are matched separately).
> I've already done new matching routines (with multiple wildcards besides other
> goodies) and the number one task on the SIMS ToDo list is to implement them
> into the next beta release. Ihope to have thatbeta ready by early in May.
Wow. Excellent. Thanks and thanks again.
>>> Is there anyway I can bounce mail with the ""
>>> pattern and still allow him to use a unified account?
>> How about
>> <> = ERROR
>> <*> = user
>> The first one is an exact match and will only be invoked in that
>> case. The router proceeds serially BTW.
Thanks Stephan. For the moment an exact match would appear to be the only


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