Mailing List Message #5767
From: Peter Lalor <>
Subject: Different spam protection for different users
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 18:05:22 -0700
To: <>

We use the MAPS DUL, RBL and RSS on our servers. This works great, but there are always users of ours whose business relies on communication with such organized (not) countries as China, India, Taiwan, etc. whose ISPs, it seems, make no effort to actually run their servers and so are eternally blacklisted. This causes a problem for those users, and so we've been toying with the idea with running a server that doesn't use RBLs so that those business customers can opt to run more wide open.

My concern is that the "insecure" server not be used as a relay into our "secure-er" servers. We've puzzled this out, but I'm just not sure whether having relaying turned off would prevent SIMS from relaying to a server that was a client host. Or would the "secure-er" server and the "insecure" server not be able to be listed as clients of each other's?

Has anyone else had this problem with your clients? Did you do anything other than say "run your own server"? Any thoughts?


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