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From: Steve Linford <>
Subject: Re: Different spam protection for different users
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 10:27:56 +0100
To: SIMS Discussions <>
>From Peter Lalor, received 16/04/2000, 2:05 am +0100 (GMT):
> Hi,
> We use the MAPS DUL, RBL and RSS on our servers. This works great,
> but there are always users of ours whose business relies on
> communication with such organized (not) countries as China, India,
> Taiwan, etc. whose ISPs, it seems, make no effort to actually run
> their servers and so are eternally blacklisted. This causes a problem
> for those users, and so we've been toying with the idea with running
> a server that doesn't use RBLs so that those business customers can
> opt to run more wide open.
> My concern is that the "insecure" server not be used as a relay into
> our "secure-er" servers. We've puzzled this out, but I'm just not
> sure whether having relaying turned off would prevent SIMS from
> relaying to a server that was a client host. Or would the "secure-er"
> server and the "insecure" server not be able to be listed as clients
> of each other's?
> Has anyone else had this problem with your clients? Did you do
> anything other than say "run your own server"? Any thoughts?

I run the same (RBL/RSS/DUL) and have all of China Telecom in my SIMS
blacklist  (we bounce 15-20 Chinese spams every day now). I have a number
of corporate customers who don't want filtering, so I turned SIMS's IP
filtering off for them, with an entry early in the router like this:

<*> = *

  Steve Linford

  Ultradesign Xperimental Network

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