Mailing List Message #5799
From: Mike Monasco <>
Subject: Interesting DNS problem
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 10:07:04 -0500
To: <>
We've been running on MacDNS for years and recently switched to BIND on OS
X.  Everything is fine, except that we can't send email (or receive email
from) one particular customer.  Looking at the SIMS logs, I discovered that
SIMS can't find the IP address for that customer's mail server, so I
immediately suspected we had messed up BIND somehow.  Doing an nslookup on
BIND returned a "not found" error.  MacDNS lookups returned an MX-only
record, but did have an IP address for "".  In other words, the
domain "" did not have an A record, only an MX-only record.  Dig
on OS X does return an IP address for "".

This did not work for SIMS.

We contacted the customer and asked them to add an A record, and all now
works fine.

Shouldn't this have worked without adding the A record?  Is this a SIMS
problem?  Or is our BIND really messed up?  Although everything is OK with
this customer, I'm worried that some other domain may be setup the same way,
and the problem is just lurking in the deeps for us.



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